Theresa Epley

Theresa studied Business Management and Accounting in Wyoming. As her roots are in Omaha, she moved back to the area. She held various positions within Clark Eide’s companies beginning in 1989 and ultimately headed the accounting department. Working with numbers has always remained high on her favorites list. Expanding on this love, she started her own consulting company in the early 90’s. Her work with various businesses brings valuable knowledge to To The T Solutions, Inc.

Tracy Kyler

With a natural ability to connect with others and her Bachelor’s degree in Human and Social Service Administration, Tracy worked with individuals and families to improve their communication, career paths, and life skills. She was a Family Teacher and Clinical Specialist with Boys Town for 15 years, which enabled her to further build her skills to assist children and families.  In 2004, the entrepreneur spirit emerged in her and she purchased an existing restaurant. Tripling the gross sales and capitalizing on development in the area, she sold the business in 2018.  Now, she utilizes her knowledge and empath ability to work with individuals, personally and with businesses, to reach their full potential. Uniting women in several modalities is a passion of Tracy’s due to her challenging and motivating life path.  As a teen mother and survivor of a major car accident, Tracy’s faith has continued to hold strong.  She has mastered the ability to recognize personal goals within others and help them to be motivated for the best life they desire.


Clark says...

"For thirty years, I have relied on the skills and good business sense of Theresa Epley to help me in my financial affairs, both business and personal. It has been a most rewarding collaboration and I am very grateful that our paths crossed those many years ago.

In my business experience, which spans over forty years and includes owning and managing international businesses large and small, including a stint as Chairman of an INC 500 company, I have seen and worked with many employees. Of them all, I would rate Theresa absolutely top notch and see her not so much as an employee but a co-worker, and a most valued one. She is accurate, conscientious, not afraid to question if she has a doubt, affable and honest.

I would, and do not hesitate, to put her in charge of my most valued and important business interests, and, needless to say, I can recommend her most highly for any bookkeeping tasks that you may have. She will be a most valuable addition to your enterprise."

Charissa says...

"Thank you, Tracy, for all the great advice and ideas you provided me to help grow my business. You were easy to work with, and very sincere in wanting to see me succeed."

Debbie says...

"Tracy is a natural connecting with others. She is a great listener, and her intuition leads her to giving practical advice that has made a significant difference in many lives. I am always amazed at her ability to impact people, even through spontaneous encounters. She is a great coach and mentor who offers sound direction in times of need."