Accounts Receivable

  • Maintain customer records
  • Invoicing
  • Sales tax filing
  • Collections
  • Record receipts 

Accounts Payable

  • Maintain Vendor records
  • Enter billing
  • Process payments
  • Request W-9 forms
  • Prepare 1099-Misc forms at EOY


  • Maintain employee records
  • Process bi-weekly payroll
  • Provide detailed payroll report
  • Prepare and file 941 deposits and forms
  • Prepare monthly/quarterly/annual federal and state payroll forms – to include FUTA and SUTA
  • Prepare and file W-2 at EOY 


  • General Ledger entries
  • Bank and credit card reconciliation
  • Provide Balance sheet and Income Statement per your request
  • Provide EOY statements to your accountant

NOTE: we will not prepare tax returns to be filed with the IRS (ie – form 1040, etc.)

  Consulting Services

  • Are you always at your business?

  • Do you have loss of business or income when you are not present?
  • Is there something occuring you just can’t put your finger on?
  • Has there been an increase in customer complaints or decrease in business revenue?
  • Could you use an extra hand for small tasks that you can’t afford in your payroll?
  • Have you been in business awhile and need a fresh perspective to keep up with the competition?
  • Are you new to the business industry and need help setting it up from the beginning to avoid costly mistakes?

We provide a detailed report of recommendations and findings, one-on-one consultation, phone call coaching, and staff development opportunities. Helping you to become a leader and driven for success while developing best practices within your business will help save time and money. The bottom line of your business profit is always the goal. We work with you or your staff in recognizing customer engagement, cost analysis, and other practices that impact your business. Our services can be overt or covert -- give us a call today for your free initial consultation.   

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